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Physician Assistant Undergraduate Pre-Professional Program

Whether you just graduated high school, are transferring from another college, or have years of health care experience, the USciences undergraduate PA Studies program will prepare you for the next steps in your career.

You can choose an accelerated three-year option or a more traditional four-year path. When you have successfully finished the program, you can progress to either the USciences three-year graduate professional PA program or a 27-month, year-round PA program at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Of course, you will be prepared to excel in any graduate program across the country.

A Strong Academic Foundation

Your PA education starts with a comprehensive curriculum based on a rigorous natural science core. Ours is one of just a few programs nationwide to offer specific coursework in Patient History Taking and Physical Exam skills—both of which will prepare you for and help you understand the role and scope of practice of the physician assistant today.

Additional courses, such as Medical Terminology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Introduction to Pharmacology will give you a solid foundation for understanding the information and materials that will be addressed at the graduate level.

Real-World Applications

Through USciences’ affiliation with clinics throughout the region, we connect our undergraduate students with all-important patient contact and shadowing hours as well as volunteering opportunities. This socialization to the profession includes a unique partnership with Hospice of Philadelphia, where our students gain important training in end-of-life issues.

These experiences, combined with your coursework, will help you develop into an academically and clinically sound PA graduate candidate.